Sweet Potatoes for Diabetics Benefits – Vegetable Health Tips

Sweet Potatoes for Diabetics Benefits – Vegetable Health Tips. The health benefits of sweet potatoes for diabetics and more. Thank you very much for listening to I wish you great health, wealth, and happiness.

Sweet Potatoes for Diabetics Benefits

  • 1. If you suffer from diabetes you should avoid foods that will make your blood sugar levels spike.
  • 2. Potatoes are one of the most popular foods in the world, however, regular potatoes have a high glycaemic index. This means that they turn to sugar very quickly in the body, which is bad for diabetics.
  • 3. Sweet potatoes (yams) have a much lower glycaemic index and are a fantastic and tasty alternative. Take a look at the difference. Regular Potato, vs Sweet Potato 4. The natural fiber in sweet potatoes prevents blood sugar levels from rising too much.
  • 5. Although they taste sweet, the natural sugars are slowly released into the bloodstream to prevent spikes.
  • 6. They come in many different varieties, and all taste slightly different.
  • 7. The main varieties include Purple, Hannah, Garnet, Japanese, and Jewel sweet potatoes.
  • 8. They contain a high amount of Vitamin A which supports the immune system and helps to keep strong bones, healthy eyes, and skin.
  • 9. They also contain Vitamin C, B6, B5, E, potassium, manganese, iron, calcium.
  • 10. If you suffer from lactose intolerance but enjoy baked potatoes with cheese. You can use sweet potatoes as an alternative, as the natural sweetness is very satisfying.
  • 11. Be sure to eat the skin also for some extra flavor. I recommend baking these in the oven whole, rubbed in a little olive oil and salt.
  • 12. The potassium content helps to regulate your heartbeat and maintain a healthy nervous system.
  • 13. Foods rich in carotenes such as these have been scientifically shown to reduce the risk of lung cancer when eaten regularly.
  • 14. They work very well when added to salads. The natural sweetness balances out the bitterness from fresh salad leaves such as rocket.
  • 15. The natural pigments are very anti-inflammatory and have been shown to prevent inflammation on the brain and nerve tissue.
  • 16. If you boil sweet potatoes, instead of throwing away the water you can apply this to the skin using a cotton ball. This works well in unblocking pores and treating oily skin.
  • 17. The leaves of the sweet potatoes can also be eaten. Please see our other video on this to learn more.

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