How to Use Bay Leaves to Eliminate Roaches Homemade Tips

How to Use Bay Leaves to Eliminate Roaches Homemade Tips. How To Use Bay Leaves To Prevent Cockroaches In Your Home. Bay leaves are believed to be another natural roach repellent.

The idea behind this home remedy for cockroaches is that the cockroaches cannot stand the smell of the essential oils released by the crushed bay leaves. However, this is, in fact, a myth. The aroma that bay leaves produce is not powerful enough to repel roaches.

How to Use Bay Leaves to Eliminate Roaches

Number 1. Cockroaches, Also Called Cockroaches, Are One Of The Toughest Pests Known To Man. They Can Vary Invasively And Find Their Way In All Kinds Of Places.

Number 2. There Are Pesticides You Can Buy To Destroy Roaches, However, We Believe That The Best Option Is To Keep Them Away Completely.

Number 3. Bay Leaves Can Be Used As A Completely Natural Way To Deter Roaches.

Number 4. This Is An Excellent Alternative To The Use Of Insecticides And Harmful Chemicals. It Also Doesn’t Kill Insects, It Just Repels Them.

Number 5. All You Have To Do Is Place Shredded Bay Leaves Around The House, Near Windows And Doors. Also, Put A Handful Outside The Building.

Number 6. Cockroaches Have A Very Strong Sense Of Smell And Hate The Smell Of Bay Leaves. This Deters Them And Makes Them Disappear.

Number 7. You Should Also Place Bay Leaves In Areas Where You Store Food. You Can Do This By Grinding Some Dried Bay Leaves On A Plate And Leaving It On The Food Areas In General.

Number 8. Make Sure To Leave Fresh Leaves Every 3-4 Weeks, So The Smell Stays Strong And Continues To Scare Off Roaches.

Number 9. These Sheets Are Non-toxic To Animals And Therefore A Great Solution If You Have Pets.

Number 10. You Can Do This With Dried Or Fresh Bay Leaves, Depending On Your Preferences.

Number 11. Did You Know That Cockroaches Can Survive Nuclear Radiation? Most Likely, They Will Continue To Exist, Long, After The Human Race Is Gone.

Number 12. This Bay Leaves Will Also Work To Repel Other Insects, Such As Flies, Moths, Ants, Earwigs, And More.

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