How Much Should Sugar Levels Remain? What is a sugar test?

How Much Should Sugar Levels Remain? What is a sugar test?. A healthy person’s sugar level should be the maximum and the minimum. (Fasting and Random).

How Much Should Sugar Levels Remain

Healthy man;

  • Fasting: Between 70 and 100 mg / dL (mg / dL)
  • Random (ie at least two hours after meals): less than 140 mg / dL

The sugar level of the diabetes patient should be as high as I have heard different levels from different doctors. Some say 120 to 145 Some say 135 to 185.

Diabetes Patient:

Different doctors say different because the patient’s level will no longer be normal, so doctors evaluate the patient’s condition. The principle for a patient is that his fasting and random sugar is as good as a healthy person’s sugar level, ie the lower the fasting sugar and the closer to 100 the better. And that is better if its level is less than 120 before each meal.

If sugar is only 120 to 160 or lower than diet and exercise, is it still necessary to take some mild medicine for sugar? It is not appropriate for a drug to have a sugar check for just a moment. Having a sugar test with a glucometer or laboratory means that you are only telling you the moment you are sugar, ie the moment you test the sugar it will tell you how much sugar was in your blood at that moment, it is not enough.


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