Health Tips Teeth Care Clean Colgate at home

Health Tips Teeth Care Clean Colgate at home The dental care is different for different ages. The teeth which look like pearl are the wishes for everyone. To gain such teeth we have to care for them from childhood. Whatever the shapes of teeth broad or narrow, they may be clean with fresh breath.

Health Tips Teeth Care Clean


Health Tips Teeth Care Clean Colgate at home The healthy teeth are those which are clean, not sensitive to cold or warm, chew easily without any pain, and gums which hold the teeth inside not bleed with touch or recedes. By using the following tips we can make our teeth healthy-looking and strong. When we smile the first impression which builds or destroys the personality is the looks of our teeth.


These teeth are milk teeth and are replaced by permanent teeth. When the baby grows their teeth appear after a few months, their teeth help them in sucking and then chewing and help in smiling. The infant’s teeth are grown when they are born but these are not visible and hidden inside the gums.

  • They are discouraged to take milk bottles I mouth while sleeping.
  • Because it will create bacteria in their mouth and destroy the teeth.
  • The elder children are forbidden to take enough sugary things, like sweets, chocolates.
  • As they are under 2 years they should not use the brush but clean gently with soft clothes.
  • Make their habit to brush the teeth before going to bed and after every meal.
  • After two years they are trained on how to use a brush.
  • The paste used should be of mild nature.


  • Try to avoid sweets or hard objects
  • If there is some problem or teeth become sensitive to hot and cold, visit the dentist.
  • Brush the teeth twice in a day.
  • It’s the time when the child can care for himself.
  • The habits which you make for him are now to be repeated by him.
  • The following steps should be taken in case of their care.
  • After every meal or even drinking something wash your teeth with water gargles.


The toothpaste is also changed after using some time because each toothpaste something different in its constituents, when it is not changed the germs in the mouth develop resistant to this. So with new content, you will provide new elements for teeth prevention and protection.

Not to eat harsh or hard things with teeth. If there are any teeth decaying then visit the doctor because the minor problems get big if not properly tackled, the toothbrush you use will be suggested by your dentist.

The teeth in adults are permanent teeth they are not to be changed so need to be proper care and health, so the following steps should be taken in their care, Limit acidic drinks like soft drinks, cordials, and fruit juices.

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