Health Tips Diarrhea Causes and Treatment in Urdu

Health Tips Diarrhea Causes and Treatment in Urdu The loose intestine is a disease that can influence people of almost all ages. Be that as it may, this infection, caused by an infection, is usually found in newborn children and young children. In the event that this condition continues for more than one time, it is called chronic diarrhea.

Diarrhea Causes and Treatment


Loosening of the intestines Signs and symptoms The patient passes a small stool from time to time. Occasionally, an extreme stomach beat is also experienced. Due to the successive elimination of feces, the body ends up dry and the individual experiences an insufficiency of basic minerals.

The skin ends up dry and unpleasant and extreme deficiency occurs. Diarrhea patients experience the harmful effects of rapid weight reduction and become pale. Young people, specifically, look incredibly bored and helpless. In extreme cases, the digestive organs can also drain.

Reasons for diarrhea

Loose intestines can occur due to several different reasons that include infection and microscopic organisms. The vast majority get in touch with this disease during the storm season when the infection spreads effectively.

The riskiest infection is called rotavirus, which influences newborns. The looseness of the intestines can also be caused by microscopic organisms called E. Coli, which can be found in foods such as rice, milk or yogurt. The bacterial disease can be caused by the possibility of eating food grown from the soil without washing them.

The looseness of the intestines that cause germs is also found in unfiltered water and can be transmitted to people through this water. Numerous different dangerous parasites can also be the purpose of diarrhea.

Determination of diarrhea

The races are analyzed by a stool test. Viral diarrhea is distinguished with the help of the Elisa test. Lack of hydration can be distinguished in children who make a decision because of their pale and boring appearance. Apart from that, microbes are identified by conducting three separate culture tests.

Careers Treatment and Prevention

After completing the test of the diarrhea research center, the treatment should be carried out under the supervision of an expert doctor in order to avoid other complexities. The treatment is based on the type of infection. Most of the time, antitoxic specialists support the treatment of diarrhea. Patients can take them for a delayed period of time, up to three weeks. In the case of extreme agony, Bascopan may be recommended.

A person experiencing Diarrhea should only take basic and effectively edible sustenance and should only drink bubbling water. Burning and slippery food must be delivered and cold water must also be kept at a strategic distance from everything that can be expected. Children may be offered ORS to treat their desiccation and mineral insufficiency, while adults should drink more and more water with bubbles.

In the event that there is a serious insufficiency of minerals, it should be treated with intravenous glucose drops. Careers are dangerous for children and older adults. This is because diarrhea causes deficiencies in an instant. This may cause more welfare inconveniences. In this sense, it is very important to treat diarrhea instantly.

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