The Health Benefits Of Bamboo Salt

The Health Benefits Of Bamboo Salt. It Has An Alkalizing Effect On Your Body, As Well As On Water And Food. Provides Long-term Benefits For The Immune System. Bamboo Salt Is A Powerful Detoxification Agent – Its Strong Penetrating Ability Accelerates The Neutralization Of Toxins And Helps Remove The Toxin From The Body.

Health Benefits Of Bamboo Salt

Number 1.

Bamboo Salt, also known as Jukyeom, was originally created by more than 1000 Korean monks and doctors years ago. This was used as a traditional medicine to treat many diseases.

Number 2.

Bamboo salt is made by stuffing 3-year-old bamboo logs with sea salt. The ends of the bamboo are sealed with a piece of natural yellow clay that is rich in minerals.

Number 3.

It is then heated to 1000-15000 degrees Celsius and roasted for 10 hours. This is often repeated up to 9 times to allow all minerals from wood and clay to be absorbed by the salt. The more times it is baked, the more purple the salt turns. The heating process also destroys the impurities in the original sea salt.

Number 4.

This creates an extremely healthy salt enriched with natural minerals that are beneficial. for the human body. In fact, it contains more than 70 different types of minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, potassium, zinc, etc. It also contains a large amount of sulfur from bamboo, which makes this salt highly alkaline, with a pH of 10.5

Number 5.

  • Bamboo salt is taken internally as a natural medicine for allergies. It has the ability to prevent histamine in the body and thus prevents or stops allergy. reactions.

Number 6.

  • You can gargle with water to reduce throat inflammation and clear throat infections. very quickly.

Number 7.

  • Many people undergoing chemotherapy use bamboo salt to reduce side effects. caused by this powerful treatment.

Number 8.

  • This salt contains methanol extracts that have anti-cancer properties. It has been medically shown to prevent cell mutation.

Number 9.

It is commonly added to toothpaste products as it has the ability to harden enamel. on the teeth and prevents mineral loss. Bamboo salt also reduces the chance of gingivitis and prevents plaque from forming on the teeth.

Number 10.

  • A laboratory study compared 20 different types of salts and found that bamboo salt has the ability to fight salmonella. This protects your body from food poisoning.

Number 11.

  • Salt itself is an excellent source of magnesium that protects the ears from induced noise hearing loss.

Number 12.

  • You can gargle a glass of water to quickly cure a sore throat. Reduces tissue inflammation allowing it to heal.

Number 13.

  • For those with diabetes, bamboo salt has been shown to increase muscles. tolerance to glucose or sugar. It also improves insulin sensitivity.

Number 14.

  • It also has the ability to suppress yeast infections in both women and men, by preventing the growth of candida in the body.

Number 15.

  • Gastric ulcers can be reduced and allowed to heal by taking this salt. The anti-inflammatory effects work to reduce the problem in the digestive system.

Number 16.

  • It is also commonly used in combination with acupuncture to help arthritis sufferers. and joint pain. The higher concentration of magnesium in this salt relieves pain quickly compared to others you go out.

Number 17.

  • Bamboo salt also has a positive effect on reducing total body weight for those who Suffers from obesity

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