Get The Facts on Coronavirus In Urdu

Get The Facts on Coronavirus In Urdu. Get the realities about the coronavirus, so we have to clarify the realities. How does this infection work, how can it be transmitted, where does it have to go and what if we make sure? I’m dr. Subside lin. I am a family doctor in Toronto, Canada. A coronavirus is a group of infections that can cause things as mild as just a typical cold, as far as possible.

This will be a horrible pneumonia that we are discussing. Also, fundamentally, what are these infections, they look like a tennis ball with each one of these points sticking out of it. In addition, depending on the type of spike, it allows the infection to join specific points.

Get The Facts on Coronavirus

So, some infections have this beak attached to the nose. So basically, you just get a typical virus. However, the Sars infection and this new infection that we are discussing have the peak that allows it to connect to the cells in its lung and when it joins there, it is placed in the data to make photocopies of itself.

Therefore, use our hardware to make more infections. I am proclaiming a general welfare crisis of universal concern over the worldwide outbreak of the new coronavirus. The vast majority of coronaviruses live-in creatures. At this time, it was from Wuhan.

There was an announcement of fish selling live creatures and the idea is that the infection was in a living creature, at that time it was crossed with a human. However, at that time what we discovered was that people got sick as much as the medical service workers, as the family members who cared for them, which currently implied that the infection can pass from human to another human. Like all infections, you need to reach a goal, which is your lung and must arrive with your help. It has no feet or wings.

In this sense, in this way, he needs to be transferred there. With the aim that that is the reason, we continue saying that it does not stay close to the sneezed people since it is going to inhale it. Also, do not get in touch with your face, since that is the way the infection will enter. The covers are useful, however, they are redundant because they have failures. Those that you and I buy fundamentally have pockets here, in this way, in this way, the infection can enter.

What the veils really do is that they prevent us from contacting our faces. In case it is eliminated, in general, we will ask you, therefore, in this way, you are not transmitting the infections to other people around you. Genuine individuals who have genuine covers are n95. Those are fixed. These are specialists who might be thinking about patients.

Then, to begin, the coronavirus will cause the type of manifestations similar to the flu or a virus. So, people just have a stuffy nose, that kind of thing. In any case, you will understand that when that infection begins to be made in your lung cells, you are creating each of these duplicates of the infection.

Out of nowhere, you kill the lung cells, so now you cannot exchange oxygen and that is the reason why one of the first indications is that people become exceptionally shy and, in general, will make some annoying memories when breathing And that is the reason why they end up in the clinic.

So at this time, unfortunately, we do not have an immediate treatment for the coronavirus, so we do not have a medication that can eliminate it. As it is extremely stable. Therefore, the patient cannot inhale, we give them oxygen to help them inhale, they cannot drink, so we give them liquids to help them.

Your kidneys begin to close, we help you with each of those things. So it is a strong procedure. This is another infection that we have never observed, so our invulnerable framework, our army, is making some hard memories make sense of what to do. So, as a rule, what we should do is do something that many refer to as antibodies.

So, these are the things that can take over the spikes that we see in the infection and will eliminate the infection for you and that will really return you to great well-being. In this sense, in this way, the old can have a more unfortunate result and, obviously, the little ones, the children, their resistant structure is slightly below average, so they may not produce those antibodies as well. So just remember your hands possibly with the infection.

The infection can’t hurt you because it can’t pass through the skin, but the moment I do this, I currently take the infection where it needs to go. So what if we remember not to contact our hands with our faces?

Suppose you imagine that you may have been on a plane or caught someone who has it, what would be advisable to do? So, the main thing is to contact the human services worker to reveal that you may have it. In case you feel side effects and go to an office, call a.

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