Digestive System of Human Body Completely Understand in Urdu

Digestive System of Human Body Today in this publication, we will quickly inform you about the framework related to the human stomach in the Urdu language. In the article below Urdu, you will discover point-by-point data on how the framework related to the human stomach works.

Digestive System of Human Body


After reading this, you will fully understand the structure and functioning of the framework related to the human stomach. You will find it extremely simple since the article is in the Urdu / Hindi language.

The pharynx and throat

The pharynx (throat) is the change territory from the mouth to the throat. From the pharynx there are two ways that the sustenance bolus can take; 1) an inappropriate way, which is down the windpipe into the lungs, or 2) the right way into the throat and afterward the stomach.

The demonstration of gulping is an intricate procedure that shuts the windpipe (to secure our lungs) and moves sustenance into the throat. This procedure is, for the most part, programmed (reflex) yet it is additionally incompletely under our immediate control.

When it enters the throat, nourishment is descended the throat and into our stomach. The throat is a solid cylinder that agreements in a synchronized manner (peristalsis) to move sustenance down towards the stomach.

While the muscles behind the nourishment item contract, the muscles in front of the sustenance unwind, causing the forward impetus of the nourishment. Peristalsis is the primary component by which sustenance travels through our stomach related framework.

When the nourishment approaches the stomach, a strong valve (the lower esophageal sphincter) unwinds and gives the sustenance a chance to go into the stomach. This sphincter has the significant capacity of shutting the stomach so no nourishment or stomach corrosive reenters the throat (and along these lines maintaining a strategic distance from acid reflux or spewing forth).

The stomach and small digestive tract

From organs that line the stomach, corrosive and proteins are discharged that proceed with the breakdown procedure of the sustenance. The stomach muscles further blend the nourishment. Toward the part of the bargain, the nourishment you put in your mouth has been changed into a thick velvety liquid called chyme.

This thick liquid is then pushed into the duodenum (the initial segment of the small digestive system). With the assistance of proteins from the pancreas and bile from the liver, further breakdown of the sustenance happens in the small digestive system.

The small digestive system has three fragments. The principal portion is where the further breakdown of the nourishment happens. The following two pieces of the small digestive tract (jejunum and ileum) are generally in charge of the ingestion of supplements from the prepared nourishment into the circulatory system through the dividers of the digestive tract.

After the small digestive system, the extra waste leaves the upper gastrointestinal tract (upper GI tract) which is comprised of everything over the internal organ and moves into the digestive organ or colon (the start of the lower GI tract).


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