8 Foods that Cause Constipation in English and Urdu

8 Foods that Cause Constipation in English and Urdu Despite the way in which 15% of Americans experience constipation, little data is provided regarding constipation.

8 Foods that Cause Constipation


“The blockage is the point at which the development of the dishes is inappropriate, deposit three times seven days with torment or basically no stool at all except a disgusting smell.”

It is an improper use of livelihood which causes problems of stopping or acid reflux. Therefore, it is important to decrease the admission of such foods that are called obstruction. We should take a look at the Summary of 8 foods that cause constipation.

Reasons for constipation

1. banana

A wide range of bananas is not equivalent. Maybe a couple is lucrative for well-being and others call obstruction. Raw and green-shadow bananas cause obstruction, while the one that tears completely is excellent against stomach blockage and heartburn problems. Therefore, choose completely torn bananas for you and your children so that the fiber in the banana can make them physically and rationally solid.

2. Bread

Wheat and grain bread are improved fructans. In most cases, our stomach does not process Fructan’s advanced livelihoods that ultimately cause a gastric problem, stomach agony, and constipation. Advanced grain bread with gluten should also be called constipation.

3. Dairy products

Cheddar cheese, high-fat products and low-fiber foods, such as meat and eggs, also influence our stomach-related framework. Portions of mixed vegetables and advanced fiber nutrients work great along with dairy products to relieve constipation.

4. chocolate

The enemies of the oxidants present in chocolate, each time they are taken in an adequate amount, work wonders for our well-being. Be that as it may, the unreasonable use of chocolate aggravates our stomach-related framework and, therefore, solid discharge. This finally calls the problem of obstruction.

During the test in Germany, when the individuals were asked the purpose of the blockade, most of them pointed to the chocolate.

5. Candies

Baked goods, cakes and rolls because they are high in carbohydrates, low in fiber and high in fat; hamper our stomach related procedure. That is the reason why it is due to the blockage.

6. hamburger

The hamburger works extraordinarily for well-being when used twice a week, however, beyond what may cause obstruction problems. Therefore, it is necessary to include prepared potatoes and mixed vegetable dishes with hamburgers in your diet.

7. french fries

In view of being low in fiber, potato chips are also expected to call clogging. The delay processing and the result in the stomach feeling.

8. Solidified foods

Solidified foods save a significant part of the opportunity to organize a party. Due to protection, solidified livelihoods are high in sodium, low in fiber and also high in fat. These solidified nutrients move away from water in the body, which ultimately results in the disruption. 25 to 35 grams of fiber consumed daily is essential for the digestive system to monitor the development of the bowl. In addition, you need 64 ounces of water for several days to refrain from facing the problem of blockage, as it encourages our stomach-related procedure.


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