6 Health Secrets Behind One’s Hands – Health Tips

6 Health Secrets Behind One’s Hands – Health Tips. The secret of health behind someone’s hand maintaining health conditions can be fairly easy. Because human beings are dynamic, meaning that the mental and physical states are always changing. There is a simple way to check a person’s health by looking at the condition of the hand. This method is long and has been done for centuries past by the healer of antiquity.

6 Health Secrets Behind One’s Hands

1. The fingertips turn blue:

Fingertips or nails that change color from white to blue or red can signal the symptoms of Raynaud’s syndrome. This condition causes the appearance of coldness in the fingers, pain, numbness, and tingling.

Trigger Raynaud syndrome is a seizure in the bloodstream so that the blood circulation is disrupted. Do a simple treatment by moving your fingers.

From the condition of the hands of a person can be seen the existence of health problems ranging from less intake of vitamins, minerals, and even a sign of disease.

2. Brittle nails then broken:

The condition of the fragile and fragile nails of the hands indicates zinc mineral deficiency. Zinc mineral function is to help the skin cell rejuvenation process and keep your nails healthy. Zinc source foods are spinach, garlic, egg yolks, seeds, and mutton and beef.

3. Leather hand peeling:

Skin saline is a sign of vitamin b deficiency. Increase consumption of foods with high vitamin b complex such as nuts, tuna, avocado, and various types of mushrooms.

4. Brown spots appear:

The cause is exposure to ultraviolet light absorbed by the skin. Use a lotion with SPF (sun protection factor) content to protect skin from the bad effects of sunlight.

5. Dry and itchy skin:

if the skin feels itchy and dry, you can use a lotion containing vitamin a. Or consume carrots and tomatoes. This condition may indicate you are exposed to skin diseases such as eczema. Diligent body cleansing will prevent exposure to eczema.

6. Handshaking:

The condition of the trembling hand by itself signifies the body is too much caffeine substance. This substance is not only found in coffee but also contained in asthma drugs and anti-depressant drugs.

If you have not previously taken the drugs and the intensity of shaking (tremors) quite often, it’s good to see a doctor immediately. You may be affected by Parkinson’s disease.

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